Indian Women Chefs

As part of our International Women’s Day #PledgeForParity celebrations we’d like to share recipes from a few of our favourite female Indian chefs.

Meera Sodha

Meera Sodha is the author of the top ten bestselling Indian cookbook Made In India, which was shortlisted for the 2014 André Simon Awards and the 2015 Guild of Food Writers’ Jeremy Round Award for Best First Cookbook. When not travelling round India, collecting recipes, Meera Sodha chefs, writes and lives in London. Try Meera’s much loved Daily Dal recipe here.


Rekha Mehr is the Fulham-based founder of London baking boutique Pistachio Rose specialising in the fusion of quintessential Indian flavours with elegant cakes, delicate biscuits and crumbling pastries. Rekha’s signature cake was inspired by the Indian sweet Gulab Jamun which dates back to the Mughal Empire. Over three hundred years of rule allowed the Mughals to perfect a sumptuous dessert of deep-fried cardamom-spiced sponge served in rose syrup & sprinkled with pistachios. Pistachio Rose products can be purchased from the Pistachio Rose bakery in Fulham or Fortnum and Mason’s.


Anjali Pathak is a chef, food writer and cookery teacher living in London. Anjali works with spice and flavours from across the globe. Her modern approach transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary through her use of spice. She happens to be the next generation of a family that brought Indian cuisine into households around the world – Patak’s. Try Anjali’s Coriander Sesame Crusted Tuna recipe. It’s delish.

a1-1024x683Anjum Anand is well known as the presenter of two BBC2 series of Indian Food Made Easy. Her accompanying books – Indian Food Made Easy and Anjum’s New Indian – were both bestsellers. Anjum appears in newspapers and magazines and broadcasts regularly on radio and TV about her light, healthy, modern take on Indian food. Her new book, Eat Right for your Body Type, the super-healthy diet based on Ayurveda was published in January. If you’re still suffering from the after effects of winter try Anjum’s Ultimate Cold-Busting Curry.