The tiffin revolution

From Monday to Friday at around midday something astonishing happens on the streets of Mumbai. More than 200,000 tiffins are delivered by tiffin wallahs to office workers with a staggering 99.99% success rate. The tiffin wallahs are considered so trustworthy that workers place their wages inside the tiffin box rather than risk carrying money on the ‘super dense crush’ commuter train.

Join 10,000 Thali tiffin owners putting Mumbai’s reusable lunchbox system to good use. The Thali tiffin scheme is an everyday way to enjoy your favourite thali at home with zero waste. Buy an insulated tiffin tin and fill it with your thali of choice for just 29 pounds.

**10K Thali tiffins win reduce, reuse, recycle award 2017**

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Mumbai's trusted tiffinwallahs. Photo: Jon Lewin.

Tiffin in transit, Mumbai. Photo: Jon Lewin.