Ethical eating

We believe that businesses must lead by their values, not just for profit. And thanks to our long-term commitment to sourcing local, seasonal and high welfare produce we are one of the only Indian restaurants in the UK to be awarded a three star sustainability champion rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (their highest award) in 2017. Thali has also made the shortlist for the SRA’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle award. Thali is one of three restaurants vying for the award, the winner will be announced on 05 October.

In rural India, where the Thali meal originates, people use seasonal, local, organic food out of necessity and recycle as much as they can because they can’t afford to waste it. Thali adopted the Indian mantra of ‘jugaad’ (do more with less) and became the first Indian restaurant group to be awarded a Three Star Sustainability Champion Rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2013.

The SRA’s assessors were impressed with our long-term commitment to sourcing local, seasonal and high welfare produce. Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA, said: “Thali is joining a growing group of Bristol restaurants that understand consumers’ desire to know where their food comes from and how the business is run and it has proved that it is among the most sustainable in the UK.”

Some of our sustainability principles

  • Meat: our meat is locally sourced and free range.
  • Fish: our fish is MSC certified “Fish to Eat”.
  • Dairy: our milk and cream is organic and locally sourced. Our eggs are free-range and locally sourced.
  • Veg: We use seasonal, locally sourced fruit and veg as much as possible.
  • Waste: We’ve saved tonnes of unnecessary landfill with our waste free take-away Tiffin scheme. which has been shortlisted for the SRA’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle award this year! The vast majority of our waste is recycled including cardboard, plastics, tins and as much food waste as possible.
  • No palm oil

Despite being one of the only ethical Indian restaurants in the UK, there is so much more to do to feed Britain sustainably. If you’d like to know more about our dreams for a better world, we’d love to talk to you. Just email us and we’ll be in touch.

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Team visit to local organic salad producer the Severn Project. Photo: Siena Barnes.

Thali chef Ramesh contemplating the meaning of lettuce. Photo: Siena Barnes.