Pancake Day

Flip your Pancake Day upside down with one of our melt-in-your-mouth Masala Dosas. A healthy, gluten-free alternative to the traditional pancakes of the west, our crispy, savoury dosas, originating from South India, make Thali the perfect place to spend your Shrove Tuesday.

Across South India, each city brings a unique twist to their dosas, from thick to thin, soft to crisp and with an array of different fillings, they are carefully crafted to suit the taste buds of the region.

Whilst dosas form a staple part of the Indian diet, here in the UK, we only really dedicate one day of the year to feasting on pancakes and they tend to solely feature on the dessert menu.

At Thali, our dosas pay homage to the traditions of India and make the perfect main course. You might find there’s not even room for dessert…have you noticed how big they are? Our dosas are over half a meter in size! Stuffed with aloo masala and served with sambar and coconut and ginger chutney, a sensation of flavours awaits.

Make yours a Thali Tuesday and trust us, you’ll never want to flip back…